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How to drain water from the diesel oil-water separator

The oil-water separator on diesel vehicles is set up to remove excess water. So, how to correctly operate the diesel fuel water separator for draining water? Here are some steps:
1. Firstly, park the vehicle on a safe and flat road surface and ensure that the vehicle is turned off. Then, pull out the oil outlet pipe of the diesel filter from the engine.
2. Next, close the cover of the diesel filter element to prevent any external impurities from entering.
3. Use a wrench to open the exhaust port of the diesel filter element, paying attention to maintaining consistent internal and external air pressure to avoid unnecessary trouble.
4. Open the waterproof valve of the diesel filter element, so that the water inside will naturally flow out. Please ensure that the waterproof valve is in the correct position so that water can be discharged smoothly.
5. After waiting for the water flow to finish, close the exhaust port and cover of the diesel filter element, and finally reconnect the oil pipe back to the engine.
In addition to regularly draining water, car owners also need to regularly replace the oil-water separator. It is usually recommended to replace the oil-water separator after driving 5000 to 10000 kilometers. Long term non replacement may cause blockage, affect fuel supply and power output, make starting difficult, and generate black smoke at the exhaust port. All of these will affect engine performance, increase fuel consumption, and reduce engine usage